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Dues Structure

The initiation fee is $1,000 for individual and $1,500 for family members (up to 4 family members living under the same roof). The hourly rate for the Cessna 172 is $85, which includes fuel, oil, and payment to engine, avionics and paint reserve funds. The monthly dues are paid to cover the fixed expenses of the club, which include, mortgage on the plane, insurance, tie-down, annual inspection, etc. Each January, the board of Directors estimates the fixed club costs for the coming year and divides this amount by the number of club members. Currently, the monthly club dues are $125. Family member dues are 150% of the individual dues. With more members, this amount will be adjusted down.

Membership Application

If you are interested in joining the PML Aero Club, please fill out the Membership Application and sent it to the Club Secretary. It is advisable to call the club president and introduce yourself. Please do not send money at this time. We encourage prospective members to attend a monthly club meeting held on the second Saturday of the month at 10 am at Larry Jobe's Hangar (21133 Jimmersall Lane, PML Unit 12, Lot 62).


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